Scotts Bluff County’s Tri-Parish

Weekend Mass Times:
Please scroll down for any holiday Mass times

5pm Saturday Vigil at
Sacred Heart in Lyman

8am Sunday Mass at
St. Ann’s in Morrill

10:30am Sunday Mass at
St. Theresa’s in Mitchell

Confessions are heard before all daily and weekend Masses.

Please see the bulletin for Daily Mass times and locations among the Tri-Parishes

Other Special Masses & Events:

Ash Wednesday Masses:
Wed. Feb. 26th in Lyman at 8am
Wed. Feb. 26th in Morrill at 12, Noon
Wed. Feb. 26th in Mitchell at 7pm

>During Lent we will host the Stations of the Cross
at St. Theresa’s Parish at 5:30pm on Friday evenings.
>The Lenten Fish Fry suppers will be on: 2/28, 3/13, 3/27.
They will be after the Stations of the Cross and be held at:
St. Theresa’s Parish Hall, beginning roughly around 6pm.

Holy Week Mass Schedule:
>Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Thursday April 9th:
at St. Theresa’s Parish in Mitchell at 6pm

>Good Friday Passion Service, Friday April 10th:
at Sacred Heart in Lyman at 3pm
>Good Friday Vespers, Friday April 10th:
at Sacred Heart in Lyman at 4:15pm

>The Mass of Easter Vigil, Saturday April 11th:
at St. Ann’s Parish in Morrill at 8pm
>Easter Sunday Masses, Sunday April 12th:
8:00am at Sacred Heart
10:30am at St. Theresa’s

Parish Locations:

Tri-Parish Info:

The Tri-Parish Office Hours are:
Monday: 8am to 2pm
Tuesday & Thursday:8am to 12noon

Current Office Administrator is Karen Vonburg

Current Parish Priest is Fr. Matthew Nash

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